plant based cacao with strawberry

Plant-based Bulletin

  • plant-based chocolate entremets
    Tribute to chocolate
  • plant-based coconut dessert
    Choco - Coco
  • plant-based chocolate bonbon
    Pistachio, Raspberry, Long Pepper and Lime
  • plant-based chocolate bars
    Chocolate bar C2
  • plant-based plated dessert with cacao barry white chocolate
    Citric Geometric
  • Smoked olive oil chocolates
    Smoked olive oil chocolates
Journey through the delights of plant-based cuisine with this recipe booklet!

Chocolate & Plant Based

Within this booklet, you will discover a palette of exquisite flavours, fresh and natural ingredients, and innovative culinary creations, all designed to celebrate the richness of plant-based foods.

This booklet invites you to explore the endless universe of plant-based recipes, offering flavorful, healthy, and environmentally conscious desserts.

Get ready to embark on a gastronomic journey filled with the following delightful recipes: 

  1. Tribune to chocolate entremets
  2. Choco-coco dessert
  3. Smoked olive oil chocolates
  4. Citric Geometric plated dessert
  5. Pistachio, Raspberry, Long Pepper and Lime chocolate bonbons
  6. Chocolate bars C2


Chocolate & Plant Based Pastries

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