WholeFruit chocolate Innovation

Discover WholeFruit chocolate!

A uniquely pure expression of the cacao fruit, the new WHOLEFRUIT chocolate provides chefs with the true essence of what Nature intended:

  • Made from 100% pure cacao fruit without additional additives such as refined sugars, lecithin, or vanilla.
  • Zesty & Fruity flavours like no other that allows you to rediscover the natural freshness of the cacao fruit.
  • 100% sustainably sourced cacao fruit that is up-cycled in addition to improving the farmers' quality of life

WholeFruit Chocolate is the flagship of our Pureté product line that focuses on the value of the cacao fruit and its' respect. It is a combination of art and science, uniting sourcing capabilities, technical expertise and meticulous processing methods.

The cornerstone of Cacao Barry.


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