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For nearly 40 years, the Cacao Barry® brand, symbol of excellence and innovation and Lenôtre, a prestige signature in the world of gastronomy, have combined their talents to create a range of refined chocolates. The products in this range meet the demands and specific needs of the most demanding Artisan Chefs. From raw materials to recipes, Cacao Barry® and Lenôtre's teams together reflect on all the stages in the manufacture of these couverture chocolates (ingredients, percentage of cocoa, fluidity...). Gaston Lenôtre described the essence of this partnership in 1980, a partnership that continues to this day: "Today, consumers are looking for more refined products. We must pay great attention to the quality of raw materials and never forget the importance of the transmission of knowledge".
Lenôtre: a passion shared for almost 40 years !

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For 20 years, the gastronomic school has given advanced training courses in its premises right in the centre of Paris, in Rue Lecourbe, with a team of highly qualified professionals. Always ready to give you a better service, the Bellouet school offers 32 different short courses of 3 / 4 and 5 days duration, always containing something new, courses for desserts and small cakes, courses for chocolates, summer and winter products, courses in viennoiserie for your everyday sales, and all the stages of catering to help you develop your business. Longer courses, lasting 12 weeks, enable you to explore the contents of all the Bellouet school's courses with a teacher, also with visits and placements in companies.
Bellouet school of gastronomy

artisan patissier

Since it was founded in 1984, over 30,000 pastry chefs from all over the world have sharpened their sense of creativity at the French National Higher School of Patisserie (École Nationale Supérieure de la Pâtisserie). Aware of the importance of the school's history for French artisan pastry chefs, we must feed its creative spirit and perpetuate the transmission of knowledge and know-how. 2009 will be the 25th anniversary of this great school. We hope this event will be an event for the whole French patisserie world. For a year we have been determined to involve the ENSP in a total quality strategy. Supporting men and women in their professional development, enriching the skills of everyone within a group, supporting the development of craftsmanship, setting up effective structures...: these are the objectives of our training courses. Designed and facilitated by ENSP's lecturers in collaboration with working professionals, the content combines innovation and ease of implementation. This is pedagogy focussing on action, teaching to be put into practice immediately.
National Higher School of Patisserie

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Cacao Barry® is an official partner of the "One of the Best Workers in France 2007" competition in patisserie and confectionary, a competition organised with the support of the National Confederation of Artisan Pastry Chefs Confectioners Chocolatiers Ice-cream Makers and Caterers of France. Since 1842, Cacao Barry® has always supported professionals in this business, developing excellence and creativity with chocolate as an ingredient among these artisans.
National Confederation of Artisan Pastry Chefs Confectioners Chocolatiers Ice-cream Makers and Caterers of France

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30 years of passion, exchanges and encounters which today make up the whole richness and strength of Relais Deserts. Founded in 1981, "Relais Deserts International" is an international professional association that includes the greatest names from the pastry world. It is made up of fifteen nationalities, and 85 pastry chefs represent it throughout the world, all united by the same desire: to promote high-quality pastry, Techniques may have evolved, but the Association's spirit and values remain the same. Quality and creativity are the watchwords of each of its members. Embodying the business' highest expression of craftsmanship, Relais Deserts has the value of an international brand.
Relais Desserts Association

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Irinox is internationally recognised as a specialist in the production of rapid cooling cells and freezers.

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KitchenAid®, a brand that has belonged to the Whirlpool group since 1986, is the brand for small domestic electrical appliances synonymous with modularity, professionalism and passion for cooking. Today it is renowned for its famous food processor which has become its symbol par excellence.
Kitchen Aid

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Prefamac produces chocolate machines for chocolate makers, biscuit manufacturers and bakers. The accent is placed on industrial machines as well as on artisan equipment for artisan and semi-industrial chocolate makers: moulding machines, melting machines, cooling tunnels, coating and grating machines.

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For over 40 years, Les Vergers Boiron have been selecting, processing and marketing the best fruits in order to offer their discerning professional customers fruits, purees, concentrates and frozen fruit sauces. The technique of blending fruits, the result of unique know-how, guarantees the product constant quality. In order to restore the full rich taste of fresh fruit after thawing, Les Vergers Boiron use a flash-pasteurisation process adapted to each fruit.
Les Vergers Boiron

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Demarle, part of the Sasa Industrie group and creator of the Silpat® baking mat and the Flexipan® flexible mould has been the world leader for cooking media for over 40 years. Demarle has developed fibreglass and food grade silicon materials with nonstick properties for Patisserie, Bakery and Catering. Other trademarks: Flexipat®, Silform®, Silpain®, Siltray®, Fiberglass®.

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Matfer, French manufacturer of utensils and equipment for patisserie and artisan chocolate making.