The Cacao Alphabet Book

The new book you can't wait to read in 2023: The Cacao Alphabet book!

We are excited to announce Cacao Barry's new book, "The Cacao Alphabet".

In this inspiring follow-up to the success "The Pastry Alphabet" book, our Cacao Barry chefs and technical experts share powerful tips and inspirations for all your cacao-powder based recipes: How does the fat content of your cacao powder impact your recipe? How to make perfect French Chocolate Macaron shells?

With "The Cacao Alphabet" book, get ready to master everything you need to know about cacao powders, gain the freedom to create above and beyond your wildest dreams and achieve the results that will impress even you. 

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Ciro Fraddanno, Philippe Marand, Ramon Morato, Lauren Van Haas, Julie Sharp, Dimitri Fayard, Martin Diez, Mark Tilling

  • A complete guide based on over 450 tests to help chefs select the perfect cacao powder for any desired result
  • Over 50 recipes (biscuits, creams & mousses, ice creams & sorbets, pastes and beverages)
  • Comprehensive Tips & Inspirations from our chefs and technical experts to master cacao powders
  • A full review of Cacao Barry's new collection of cacao powders.

Available for purchase by clicking here or by contacting your local Cacao Barry representative.


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