Our historic range. The first couverture chocolate and specially designed to support chefs in the creation of the iconic French pastry applications.

Made from carefully selected West-African beans, the Héritage range offers a perfect workability and regularity. Great quality for an affordable price.

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A range of intense, pure flavours from 100% traceable and sustainable cocoa from West-Africa. Pureté range is our commitment to ensure the future availability of quality cacao.

By investing strongly in educating farmers on pre- and post-harvesting techniques we optimise the flavour creation, development and minimize defected beans, hence increasing the yield. The quality is optimised by a unique fermentation program that unleashes the full natural aromatic potential of the cocoa beans.

Pureté is the next generation of chocolates to unbox chefs' creativity.

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Cacao beans sourced from a single country to bring a diversity of flavour that come from each specific origin and bean genetics. With a total of 8 single origines, the aromatic profile of this range features fruity, spicy, smoky or even woody notes.

Due to the blending of carefully selected fine cacao from trusted partners, our experts are able to offer a single origin range with each bringing a regularity of bespoke, tasting notes.

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With a great degree of provenance and traceability, our 2 Plantation chocolates offer a flavour that is distinctive to a single plantation source. Truly natural, these chocolates have individual flavours that also reflect our ideals of fairness, localization, transparency and sustainability.

The cacao genetic, the unique terroir of each plantation and the farmers' passion and expertise tell a rich story of flavours specific to each millésime every year.

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Or Noir
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Or Noir is about exclusivity. Each creation brings a flavour that represents the personality of its creator. It is the ultimate dream of a chef. A flavour uniquely designed with the worlds best experts and ingredients, all to the specific wishes of the chef. With Or Noir, we enable chefs to choose their flavour.

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