Cocoa Pod Heart

Cocoa Pod Heart


Chocolate sponge cake

Used products: Chocolate sponge cake

Preparation: Chocolate sponge cake

Whisk butter and icing sugar, add eggs and yolks and mix well.
When medium peak is reached, whisk egg whites and semolated sugar and in the meantime melt the chocolate at 45°C.
Once the butter mass is whipped, add melted chocolate and a small quantity of egg whites.
Then sprinkle the flours. The flours will have to be sieved together at least twice before being added.
For the dough to remain shining and stiff, flours and small quantities of beaten egg whites should be alternated.
inish with a good quantity of beaten egg whites.
bake in a mould at 180°C for about 35 minutes.


Used products: Sablé

Preparation: Sablé

Melt the salt in the orange juice. In the planetary mixer, knead butter and flavours and add the remaining ingredients.
In the end, add the melted cocoa mass at 30°C and mix.
Add the cocoa nibs.


Chocolate mousse

Used products: Chocolate mousse

Preparation: Chocolate mousse

(Infused cream: 1 liter of cream + 150 g of roasted cocoa nibs)
Heat to 60°C cream and honey and pour it over the couverture and jelly. Then put it in the cutter mixer for 3 minutes.
Blast chill and then whisk in the planetary mixer.

Vanilla cream

Used products: Vanilla cream

Preparation: Vanilla cream

(Infused cream: 1 liter of cream + 300 g of roasted cocoa nibs)
Heat to 60°C cream, sugar, yolks and vanilla, and pour it over cocoa butter and gelatine. Mix with a cutter mixer for 3 minutes.
Blast chill and then whisk in the planetary mixer.

Shining coating

Used products: Shining coating

  • 12.7 oz
  • 9.9 oz
  • 1.5 lb
    granulated sugar
  • 2.8 oz
  • 6.3 oz
    cocoa powder
  • 1.0 oz
  • 4.9 oz

Preparation: Shining coating

Bring to the boiling point cream, water, sugar, and glucose. When it boils, add sieved cocoa and finish cooking until the temperature of 105° C is reached.
Add the gelatine when temperature is below 70°C.