Snacking bars

Snacking bars

Recipe for 50 bars

Sablé breton

Used products: Sablé breton

Preparation: Sablé breton


Spread out to 4mm thickness.
Cut into 12cm by 2cm stripes.
Cook at 165°C.
Allow to cool and then partially dip the sablé in crystallised Lactée Barry Équilibre 36% milk chocolate.
Place some Lactée Barry Équilibre 36% milk chocolate into a piping bag and decorate.
Weight of a coated sablé: 20 g (coating chocolate 5g).

Gourmand chocolate snacking bar

Crystallise some Lactée Barry Équilibre 36% milk chocolate couverture.
Fill a rectangular Snacking bar mould (ref MLD-090405-M00) with the crystallised chocolate.