Inaya™ Chocolate Moelleux

Inaya™ Chocolate Moelleux

Created by

  • Philippe Bertrand - Director of Barry Callebaut CHOCOLATE ACADEMY™ France, MOF Chocolatier-Confiseur
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Recipe for 12 moelleux

Recipe components

Used Cacao Barry products

Inaya™ chocolate fondants

  • 375g
    whole egg(s)
  • 275g

Mix with a whisk

Melt in the microwave

Add the egg and sugar mixture to the chocolate previously melted with the butter.

  • 117g
    sifted flour

Mix briefly and add

Stir the mixture until a smooth texture is obtained.
Place the mixture into buttered moulds.
Cook in the oven at 320°F/160°C for approximately 10 minutes.