Chocolate truffle with Tuber Melanosporum black truffle by Ramon Morató

We are happy to share with you another delightful recipe by Ramon Morató which was presented at the UK & Ireland preselections for World Chocolate Masters, organised by Cacao Barry.

Ramon at work at WC preselections. Photo: Courtesy of Cacao Barry


  • 412 g Cream (35% fat)
  • 2.25 g Milk protein
  • 120 g Tuber Melanosporum premium black truffle paste
  • 75 g Invert sugar
  • 75 g DE 60 glucose syrup
  • 105 g Dextrose
  • 6 g Salt
  • 750 g Cacao Barry Origine Venezuela dark couverture 72% cocoa
  • 210 g Anhydrous milk fat
  • 120 g Black truffle oil

Mix the milk protein and the cream using the blender, add the truffle paste and dissolve the sugars and the salt. Then warm up the mixture to around 30ºC.
Pour over the mixture of couvertures, anhydrous milk fat and truffle oil, previously melted at around 45ºC.
Emulsify correctly with the blender.
Measure out into mould when the truffle temperature reaches around 30/32ºC and leave to crystallise for 24 hours covered with plastic film.

S.Q. Cacao Barry Origine Venezuela dark couverture 72% cocoa


Prepare the “demi sfere” mini-bonbon moulds.
Using the chocolate spray gun, form an initial layer of dark chocolate paint, followed by a second layer of cocoa butter and black colouring.
Measure out and store for around 24 hours.
Seal with Cacao Barry Origine Venezuela dark couverture 72% cocoa, previously tempered.