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Nestled in the province of Quebec – North America’s capitol of Joie de Vivre – the CHOCOLATE ACADEMY™ center is a school and resource center dedicated entirely to chocolate. The beautiful city of St. Hyacinthe, is an interesting fusion of rural simplicities and new urban methods; most consider it a “country and heritage getaway.”

Chocolate artisans of all levels will enjoy learning diverse chocolate applications and processing techniques, from the creation of the classics to the latest chocolatemaking trends. Personalized service and small classes put creativity, innovation and proficiency first.

You’ll also receive on-the-spot technical advice from our Barry Callebaut Technical Advisors, Chocolate Ambassadors and master chocolatiers who share their passion for chocolate and expertise in working with Callebaut®, Cacao Barry® and Carma® products.

The Barry Callebaut CHOCOLATE ACADEMY™ center Canada is certified by the CPMT (Commission des partenaires du marché du travail) of Quebec.

Chocolate mastery throughout the world

All around the globe, our CHOCOLATE ACADEMY™ centres are teaching and training centres for artisans and professionals who want to improve their working skills in chocolate and learn about new trends, techniques and recipes. We share our knowledge and experience through seminars, demonstrations, theoretical courses and practical workshops.

Visit the CHOCOLATE ACADEMY™ centre website to find out everything about our locations, courses and teachers.

The workshops

Taking part in a workshop will enable you to perfect your know-how and develop your creativity thanks to the expertise of our Ambassadors network. Contact your local Cacao Barry® office for more information on where you can find courses in your area.

Vancayseele Chocolate Academy Canada


  • A training centre for artisans and professionals who want to improve their skills in working with chocolate and discover new trends, techniques and recipes.
  • Technical advisors to assist you.
  • Quality participants that are part of the Cacao Barry® Ambassadors network.

Cacao Barry® and young talent

  • Some particular courses scheduled at the CHOCOLATE ACADEMY™ are reserved for young chocolatiers and pastry chefs wanting to improve their know-how.
  • The World Chocolate Masters: a prestigious international competition. To register, please check with your local Cacao Barry® contact.