Choux pureté

How can a chou be sublimed by our fully traceable and sustainable "Pureté" range and tell great stories to your customers?A range with the purest cacao flavors, 100% traceable and sustainable cocoa from West-Africa. Pureté range is our commitment to ensure the future availability of quality cacao.

By investing strongly in educating farmers on pre- and post-harvesting techniques we optimise the flavour creation and development. The quality is further optimised by a unique fermentation program that further unleash the full natural aromatic potential of the beans.

Here is Ramon Morato's take on the chou with Inaya 65%
• Due to the purest cocoa taste, it gives freedom to flavour
• Specially designed chocolate for mousse and ganache

How did Inaya inspired Ramon on his creative journey?

"Flavour: We use traceable, natural vanilla as a traditional flavour addition to classic pastry
Technique: A classic cream, low in fat, to show the power of the cocoa notes
Format: Purete is about being pure. Both in flavour and inform. We made a perfect cube. No extra elements"

And you, what would be your take on our Pureté range?

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