Banana/ Passion Fruit / Chocolate by Marcio Baltazar

How do the desserts at the two Michelin starred Ocean look and taste like? Fabulous! Marcio Baltazar, one of the best Portuguese pastry chefs, the head pastry chef of the two Michelin starred Ocean in Algarve, is sharing one of his signature recipes.

Chocolate and passion fruit icecream

158g passion fruit puree
71g powder milk
143g inverted sugar
10g Stabilizer
428g 65% Cacao Barry Haiti Chocolate
160g Sugar

Mix the puree with the powder milk and the inverted sugar
Heat it at 45º and mix the sugar and the stabilizer
Cook it at 85º and add the chocolate. Allow it to emulsify
Let it rest for 12h, emulsionate again and put it in pacojet cups

Almond and Sesame Gianduja

200g sugar
200g almond
50g sesame
400g Cacao Barry 34% Zephyr chocolate

Slightly toast the almonds while at the same time making a dried caramel
Pore the toasted almonds over the caramel and let it rest
When it is cold, break it in small pieces and grind it in the Bimby until it becomes a smooth and even paste
Add the 34% Zephyr chocolate and mix at an average speed for 10 minutes
Lower the temperature in the kitchen bench at 26º and place it in boxes at the average temperature  

Passion Fruit Crumble

100g Sugar
200g Butter
300g Flour
60g Passion Fruit pulp ***

Mix the sugar and the flour in the Bimby, add the cold butter in cubes and the passion fruit pulp
Use the batter program until it acquires a sand-like texture
Freeze it and then cook it at 140º for 8 minutes

*** Defrost the passion fruit puree over a cloth inside the refrigerator for 3 days, It will separate the water from the pupl. 1 kg of puree has about 80g of pulp with a very intense flavour

Banana from Madeira and Rum

Banana from Madeira****
250g Water
250g Brown sugar
120g Rum from Madeira

Make a syrup and add the rum
After it’s cold, pore it over the bananas and vacuum seal it for 6 hours
When you’re about to serve it, cook the banana for a while with the syrup and let it rest in the oven at 60º

**** the banana has to be completely black on the ouside, só it you have to wait a fez weeks. It’s very healthy.

Other ingredients:
Dried Madagascar Banana
Roasted Sesame
Micro basil leaves