Italy Pavilion by Davide Oldani


Davide Oldani, the Italian Cacao Barry Ambassador, is the creator of Cucina POP which unites high quality and accessibility. In 2003, Davide opened his restaurant, D'O, in his hometown of Cornaredo, near Milan. One year after opening, the world's most authoritative food guides listed him amongst the greatest chefs of contemporary Italian cuisine. Prior to opening of D'O he worked with Gualtiero Marchesi, Albert Roux, Alain Ducasse and Pierre Hermé. We are happy to share with you his lovely recipe.

Italy pavilion assembly


- Ocoa™ 70% dark chocolate couverture


Recipe for 4 desserts.



Ocoa™ dark chocolate mousse with bread crumbs

275 g of whole milk - 50 g of fine bread crumbs - 50 g of glucose syrup - 310 g of Ocoa™ dark chocolate couverture - 600 g of soft whipped cream 35% fat

Blend the bread crumbs with heated milk in a food processor. Add the melted Ocoa™ dark chocolate
couverture and continue to emulsify. When the mixture is at 28°C add the soft whipped cream.

Apple jelly

100 g of juice from green apples - 5 g of lemon juice - 5 g of agar agar

Mix the agar agar with the combined juices. Bring to the boil.

Almond dacquoise

450 g of egg whites - 150 g of caster sugar - 350 g of ground almonds - 350 g of icing sugar

Whip the egg whites with the sugar. Fold in the ground almonds and icing sugar. Spread evenly onto a 40x60 rectangular baking trays. Put in a 180°C oven.

Curry pine nuts

200 g of pine nuts - 1 liter of oil - 70 g of caster sugar - 20 g of water - S.Q. of salt - S.Q. of curry salt

Pour the pine nuts into the oil and heat to 170-180°C. Fry for a few moments. Drain and let cool. In a
sauce pan, heat the sugar and water to 120°C. Add the pine nuts and caramelize, then salt them. Spread
on baking paper and let cool. Add the curry salt and stir to combine.


Spread the dark chocolate on a plastic sheet. When the chocolate is crystallised, cut in the shape of the
Pavilion and assemble. Leave to fully crystallised and remove the chocolate transfer sheets. Place the biscuit then the chocolate mousse into the pavilion mould. Decorate with diced apple jelly, pine nuts and
dehydrated blackcurrant pieces.