Ocoa by Davide Oldani


Davide Oldani, one of the most exciting Italian chefs and one of the great Cacao Barry Ambassadors is sharing with us his indulgent recipe inspired by the Cacao Barry's Ocoa chocolate. Enjoy!


Ocoa by Davide Oldani


For Ocoa mousse:

433g cream
110g warm cream
40g glucose syrup
170g chocolate – Davide used his own Or Noir chocolate

Mango sorbet:

100g Mango
500g water
150g Glucose
100g sugar
1.5g saffron

Blown chocolate:

440g melted Cacao Barry Pureté Ocoa chocolate (70%)
40g sunflower oil

Ocoa foam:

500g water
50g Cacao Barry Pureté Ocoa chocolate (70%)
50g sugar
5g lecithine


For mousse:

Melt the chocolate in a microwave oven.
Melt the glucose in the 110g of warm cream.
Whip the 433g of cream.
Combine the melted chocolate with the 110g of cream/glucose mixture.
When mixture is luke warm combine with the whipped cream and set in chosen mould.

For mango:

Melt the sugar and saffron in the water together with the glucose.
Blend with the mango until you get a smooth mixture.
Mix in the ice cream machine.

For blown chocolate:

Mix together the chocolate and the sunflower oil.
Put the mixture in a siphon with two gas cartridges.
Put the mixture into a container and put it into a sous vide to extract air.
When volume grows, put into refrigerator for one hour.

For Ocoa foam:

Combine the ingredients and bring them to the boil.
Make foam with a minipimer.