Saffron risotto by Davide OLDANI, Cacao Barry Ambassador, chef patron of Ristorante D’O - Italy


A lovely sweet creation - a playful take on a risotto - created by one of the most thoughtful and creative Italian chefs. Enjoy the recipe!

Madirofolo 65 % dark chocolate couverture
Zéphyr™ 34% white chocolate

Recipe for 4 desserts.

Saffron risotto by Davide OLDANI

Madirofolo dark chocolate mousse

- 615 g of whipping cream - 136 g of glucose syrup 40 DE - 20 g of grated lemon zest - 200 g of Madirofolo dark chocolate couverture

Bring to a boil the cream with glucose and lemon zest. Put over the Madirofolo dark chocolate couverture and emulsify. Put in the refrigerator for at least 12 hours at 4°C. Beat the mousse.

Puffed rice

240 of carnaroli rice

Cook the rice in water for 30 minutes minimum. Spread the rice on a tray and dry in the oven for 12 hours at 50°C. Separate the grains and fry them at 200°C so that the grains inflate.

Saffron ganache

100 g of Zéphyr™ white chocolate - 40 g of whipping cream - 25 g of saffron powder - S.Q. of saffron strands

Melt at 30°C the Zéphyr™ white chocolate. Mix with whipping cream. Add the saffron powder.


Fill a piping bag with Madirofolo dark chocolate mousse chocolate mousse and pipe a spiral onto the plate. Add the puffed rice. Pipe a spiral of saffron ganache on the puffed rice. Add the saffron strands.