Rare chocolates

RaRe chocolates Collection

Unlocking the sensorial richness of the rarest and finest cocoa beans

Our Rare Chocolate Collection represents the commitment Cacao Barry has towards guaranteeing the future availability and diversity of the finest and most unique cocoa. Through limited supply of rare cocoa beans from remote places, we aim to bring farmers and chefs together.

Every year, exclusive RaRe Chocolates limited editions will be revealed and made available for you here.

1. La Esmeralda 

Reveal date : March 2017
Quantity available : 12,5 mT worldwide

Since 1905 the Rizek family has been leading the way for the production of the finest organic cocoa beans in Dominican Republic. One of their most precious plantations, “Hacienda la Esmeralda” is located in the denominación de origen region called “Los Bejucos”. At the very heart of Dominican Republic, Chefs can truly unlock cocoa sensorial richness by going through the captivating bean to bar experience at La Esmeralda : from harvesting the beans with alongside with farmers to producing a custom-made recipe on the spot, Chefs are able to live an authentic, unique and mesmerizing human and sensorial experience by becoming craftsmen of their own chocolate recipe.

With the desire to keep bringing together farmers and Chefs and sublime remarkable flavours from remarkable places, we have created this 74% dark couverture chocolate.