LA ESMERALDA 74% | The first RaRe Chocolate

LA ESMERALDA 74% | The first RaRe Chocolate

The RaRe Chocolates Collection


Remarkable flavours from remote places : From farmers / To chefs.

Our RaRe Chocolates Collection represents the commitment Cacao Barry® has towards guaranteeing the future availability and diversity of the finest and most unique cocoa.
For professional chefs, who desire to have access to unprecedented and bespoke chocolate flavours, Cacao Barry ®connects them with farmers by bringing them limited editions of world’s most outstanding beans.
Through these direct supply of RaRe cocoa beans, we aim to bring farmers and chefs closer together.

Proximity / Expertise / Traceability
Outstanding beans / Limited availability
The RaRe Collection. From farmers. To chefs.

La Esmeralda

Since 1905 the Rizek family has been leading the way for the production of the finest organic cocoa beans in Dominican Republic. With the desire to keep bringing farmers and Chefs together, we have created this 74% bold and limited edition dark chocolate couverture.
The beans for "Hacienda La Esmeralda" were honoured by the International Cocoa Awards organization by receiving the"Cocoa of Excellence" award in 2013.

La Esmeralda is available in limited quantities, contact your sales representative today to have the chance to order our first RaRe Chocolate.

La Esmeralda plantation

Founded by Sr Hector Rizek, “La Hacienda La Esmeralda” (180 45’ & 190 50’ N / 690 10’ & 700 45’ W) is located in the Bejucos, San Francisco de Macoris region in Dominican Republic. The Bejucos region is known for producing registered designation of origin cocoa. This RaRe plantation has a yearly production capacity of only 60mT.

The yearly region average temperature is 25,6°C , hygrometry is 80% and pluviometry varies between 1600mm – 1800mm.

La Esmeralda has a dark deep soil : the layer of humus is minimum 50 cm thick with a good drain capacity. Soil PH is 5.5 – 6.

La Esmeralda beans are fermented for 120 hours, with a monitored temperature control every 24 hours.   Beans are dried for 120 hours minimum and steered every 45 minutes.

La Esmeralda 74% Dark Chocolate Couverture


La Esmeralda dark chocolate couverture

Moulded with Cacao Barry® traditional pistoles format, La Esmeralda dark chocolate couverture has 74% min. cocoa and 43% fat. It is only available in 1 kg bag.


This intense RaRe chocolate has a bold cocoa taste, combined with a balanced bitterness and sublimed by the freshness and acidity of citrus dazzling notes.


La Esmeralda Recipes by Creative Director Ramon Morato