World Chocolate Masters

For 13 years now Cacao Barry® has been organising the World Chocolate Masters competition for all artisans throughout the world. Making artistic pieces around a specific theme in an allotted time: that's the challenge proposed to these future talents!

The World Chocolate Masters competition helps Chefs to build their worldwide reputation, promoting the creative use of top quality products, displaying new technics to the world, surprising by trendy ingredients pairing, playing with textures and flavors. In a nutshell, innovating the chocolate category.





Swiss Chocolate Master Elias Läderach has won the prestigious title of 2018 World Chocolate Master. The jury praised him for his lightning-fast technique, perfectionist attitude and flawless execution.

"You are the Usain bolt of chocolate: super focused, super technical, with extreme precision and dedication. Your attention to detail is second nature. Overall amazing, clean, sharp, with a perfect performance."

- Quote from the jury -



Elias was very happy about his winning chocolate pieces. “I paid special attention to the sugar level of the Patisserie. It had only 4% added sugar, which is 60% less sugar than average pastry today. I used fresh fruit and tried to give it a very elegant shape”, says Elias. For him, his final showpiece was true art: “For me, it is like a 3D painting. It’s a dynamical game between movement and silence. On the inside, you see a woman who symbolizes the silence. The leaves floating around it symbolize the movement. It is really a piece that reflects all my passion and love for chocolate artistic”. The winning chocolate pieces will be exhibited in Harrods, the world-renowned luxury department store.



The silver and bronze medal went to Yoann Laval from France and Florent Cheveau from USA.



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Get on our chocolate rollercoaster! Relive all the excitement, emotions and creativity brought by the world’s most outstanding chocolate chefs during the 2018 WORLD FINAL of the World Chocolate Masters. Be inspired by mouthwatering pastries, bonbons, snacks and stunning showpieces – all made with Cacao Barry chocolate.