Imperial Jasmine tea Alunga™

Imperial Jasmine tea Alunga™

Recipe for approx. 4 mini bonbon log moulds
In Cacao Barry's "Chocolate x Tea" Bulletin, Chef Ramon wished to pay tribute to Asia, the home of tea, with five chocolates perfumed with five Asian teas. These bonbons, with their Jasmine tea-infused Alunga™ Milk Chocolate ganache, are delightfully balanced and celebrate the floral qualities of the exotic tea. The Lactée Barry Milk Chocolate shells bring just a hint of additional sweetness.

Imperial Jasmine tea Alunga™

Used products: Imperial Jasmine tea Alunga™

Preparation: Imperial Jasmine tea Alunga™

  1. Prepare an infusion with 500 g of hot water and 70 g Imperial Jasmine tea. Steep for four minutes and then filter.
  2. Weigh out the 330 g required for the recipe and dissolve the sugars and salt in the infusion.
  3. When the temperature of the liquid reaches 25-30º C, pour it over the couverture combined with the anhydrous butter, both previously melted at 45º C.
  4. Emulsify well and allow to set until the mixture reaches 28º C.


Used products: MONTAGEM

Preparation: MONTAGEM

  1. Prepare os moldes de praliné mini-bûche pulverizando com a tinta preta. Prepare as cascas usando a cobertura de chocolate ao leite Lactée Barry 35,3%.
  2. Adicione o recheio das trufas quando atingir 28ºC.
  3. Deixe firmar por algumas horas e sele a base com cobertura de chocolate ao leite.
  4. Desmolde e reserve.