Bing Qi - Lin Bao (by Andres Lara, Cacao Barry Regional Chef Asia Pacific)


Recipe for 15-20 portions

Cherry Ice Cream Swirl

– 386 g of milk – 58 g of powdered milk – 70 g of inverted sugar – 200 g of cream – 700 g of Boiron cherry purée – 155 g of Dextrose – 8 g of ice cream stabilizer – 300 g of Alunga chocolate couverture 41% – 300 g of frozen Morello cherries – 30 g of sucroze

Heat the milk and cream to 40°C and add in all of the solid dry ingredients. Heat to 85°C. Leave to cool and add the cherry purée before churning the mixture in an ice cream maker. Mix the frozen Morello cherries with the sucrose and stir the mixture into the ice cream. Place it in an ice cream maker to cool to -25%C in a blast freezer. Store at 18°C before serving.

Cherry Coulis

– 300 g of cherry purée – 100 g of inverted sugar – 210 g of sucrose – 50 g of Chambord liqueur

Combine all of the ingredients and refrigerate in a piping bag.

Cherry Puree

– 225 g of cherry purée – 35 g of ginseng liqueur – 7.8 g of Gelcrem cold

Combine all of the ingredients and refrigerate in a piping bag.

Choux pastry

– 375 g of water – 125 g of milk – 5 g of salt – 15 g of sucrose – 200 g of butter – 300 g of T55 flour – 500 g of eggs

Bring the milk to the boil with the salt, sucrose, and butter. Add in the flour and stir. Place in a bowl and slowly add the eggs to the mixture to obtain a smooth mixture. Pipe onto a baking sheet and then place in a preheated oven at 200°C. Turn on the fan once the choux have coloured.


– 90 g of brown sugar – 90 g of T-55 flour – 75 g of butter at room temperature

Mix the butter with the T-55 flour and the brown sugar, then freeze. Cut out 15cm by 3 cm rectangles. Leave in the freezer until use.

Cherry Marshmallow

– 650 g of sucrose – 210 g of glucose syrup – 250 g of cherry purée – 55 g of gelatine powder (200 bloom)

Leave the gelatine to swell in a bowl of inverted sugar. Cook the sucrose, cherry purée and glucose at 110°C. Add in the gelatine mixture. Whisk at medium heat until the desired height and volume are reached.
Pipe. Leave to rest before cutting.

Cherry Gelee

– 100 g of cherry purée – 10 g of sucrose – 0.4 g of gellan gum – 10 g of water – 1 g of agar

Mix the gellan gum into the cherry purée and water. Spread the agar evenly over the surface. Bring to the boil and align immediately. Once cooled, use a circular cutter to form the gelée disks.


Fill the choux from below with the cherry ice cream Alunga swirl. Store at -18°C.


Decorate with a cherry marshmallow, cherry gelee, cherry coulis, some mini violas and sorrel leaves.