By The Wind by Pasquale Marigliano (Pasticceria Marigliano Pasquale, Cacao Barry Italy Ambassador)


Photo: Courtesy of Cacao Barry



Recipe for 24 desserts


– 50 g of butter – 50 g of T45 flour – 50 g of pure cane sugar – 50 g of ground almonds – 50 g of maize flour – 1 g of salt

Mix all the ingredients with a wooden spoon to obtain a dense paste. Store the mixture in a refrigerator at 4°C.
Grate coarsely and cook for 20 mins in a fan-heated oven at 155°C.

Hazelnut Praline Cream

– 100 g of Hazelnut Piemont Lenotre 50% – 20 g of 100% Pure Hazelnut Paste – 40 g of Inaya couverture 65% – 50 g of fresh butter 82% fat

Mix the first three ingredients together and heat to 45°C. Add the butter and mix as a ganache.

Coconut Cream

– 140 g of 35% whipping cream – 150 g of fresh ricotta (cow’s milk)
– 3 g of gelatine sheets 200 Bloom – 30 g of caster sugar – 25 g of concentrated coconut paste – 20 g of coconut liqueur

Sieve the ricotta; add the sugar, coconut paste, and liqueur and mix.

Stir in the melted gelatine, softened and purified beforehand in plenty of cold water. Combine all of the ingredients and beat them in a mixer until stiff.


Line the boat-shaped moulds with a thin layer of Blanc Satin chocolate 29.2%. Spread a layer of Hazelnut Praline cream on top and finish with a layer of crumble. Cover with the coconut cream and dust desiccated coconut over the upper surface.
Freeze before removing from mould.


Decorate with a sail made from Alunga 41% milk chocolate couverture.
Decorate the plate with the following mixture: 100 g of clear plain jelly, 15 g of coconut liqueur and 2 drops of dissolvable yellow colouring. Scatter some crumble on the plate to represent the sand.