Cacao Barry is presenting Itinero


We all know food pairing as the art of perfectly assembling ingredients which could seem incompatible but which share similar molecular components. Cacao Barry is presenting Itinero,  a system which allows to the chefs to find the best ingredients which match Cacao Barry chocolates. It inspires chefs to create new recipes and at the same time it provides transparency on recipes, gives provenance information on ingredients, seasonality…

Interested how it works? Have a look at this video:

The tool is available in French, English and Dutch on

How to log in?

When you are on Itinero, please click on “Advanced Food pairing with Purity from Nature”. Choose between “Sign up”, “Connect” or “Continue with pairing”. You can access to the tool only by following “Continue with pairing” but if you want to save your parings, please “sign up”