Chocolate Weekly 13 - 2015


With the Easter just around the corner let’s have a look at the loveliest Easter eggs in the shops in London:

Marc Demarquette eggs

We love the hand painted Hot Cross Easter Egg chocolate treat selection of 6 quail-sized luxury chocolate eggs presented in a stylish gift box by Marc Demarquette.

Pierre Herme

Pierre Herme created an Easter egg, studded with luscious coloured disks (Galets) that appeal to all of the senses. Chocolate used is Peruvian origin.

Hotel Chocolat

Hotel Chocolat is offering a Supermilk Facet Egg which takes an unexpected angle on the classic Easter egg, cast with a jewelled facet design that looks like a spectacular ‘chocolate diamond’ emerging from a smooth chocolate eggshell.

Alain Ducasse

Another interesting creation comes from Alain Ducasse and is available at Bulgari hotels. It is filled with praline and plain chocolate Easter sea-themed fishes and shellfish. Original and mysterious creations that appear to have been carved, sculpted and hand crafted.

Nami from Nobu

Nobu’s executive head pastry chef Regis Cursan has created three Japanese designs in milk, white and dark chocolate. The Nami, meaning wave in Japanese, uses dark chocolate made with 72 per cent cocoa. The Zen, inspired by the traditional rake pattern of Japanese gardens, is created with milk chocolate and sprayed a vibrant red. The third one, Piramido, meaning pyramid, is an ode to Japanese refinement and geometry.

Harvey Nichols

Egg in an egg is a lovely Easter idea from Harvey Nichols.

Pierre Marcolini

Pierre Marconi is offering a box with nine types of eggs.

Choice is yours. And don’t forget: it’s also time of wonderful Easter afternoon teas, like the one from Langham created by the talented Cherish Finden

Have a wonderful happy Easter!