The Chocolate weekly 34 - 2015


After a short vacation in the sun we are back into the world of delicious chocolates. Cacao Barry® offers a great range and each pastry chef can easily find a perfect match. Let’s have a look at at the favourites of the pastry chefs featured in our interviews:
Which is your favourite Cacao Barry® chocolate and why?
ANTONINO MARESCA, pastry consultant

Chest of desserts by Antonino Maresca. Photo: Janez Puksic

Venezuela. I love the rich strong cacao notes and I especially love it because it combines perfectly with two other ingredients that I love: the Lapsang Souchong tea and bergamot.

GRAHAM HORNIGOLD, executive pastry chef of Hakkasan Group

Chocolate, Raspberries and Szechuan Pepper by Graham Hornigold. Photo: Laura Lajh Prijatelj

I prefer milk chocolate myself – Alunga 41% with the Q fermentation being my current favourite, however my preference is shifting as I am now found to be snacking a lot on Papouasie 35% from the Origins range.

MICHEL ROUX jr., chef patron at Le Gavroche

Chocolate Dessert by Michel Roux. Photo: Courtesy of Le Gavroche

I have been on a long search for the perfect chocolate to serve at Le Gavroche. I love chocolate and the BBC filmed my search to find the best chocolate in the world.  In Paris I discovered chocolatiers, Cacao Barry® and their Or Noir™ Lab.

With the help of Cacao Barry®, I was able to create a unique concoction to my own specification: 71% dark chocolate with an intense bitter taste, cocoa flavour and an aroma with slightly fruity undertones, perfect for the kitchen of Le Gavroche.

The original blend derives from three of the best chocolate locations in the world; Cuba, Venezuela and, Santo Domingo which reflects Cacao Barry®’s traditional expertise in Old World sourcing.

Cacao Barry® has built a global reputation amongst top chefs for their specialist chocolates and their vast selection of terroirs, as the foundation for their chocolate creations.

From Cacao Barry®’s Or Noir™ Lab to the kitchen of Le Gavroche, my perfectly tailored chocolate has become the signature chocolate for cooking and eating and is featured in the restaurant’s favourite chocolate dishes on the tasting menu and in the petit fours.

WILL TORRENT, pastry consultant

Nans’ Chocolate fudge cake by Will Torrent. Photo: Jonathan Greyson

I have to say how much I am enjoying the new Cacao Barry Purity from Nature range! The flavours of cocoa are so pronounced due to the new way of fermenting the beans. I particularly like the Alunga™ Milk chocolate… beautiful…

RYAN THOMPSON, executive pastry chef at the Shangri-La hotel:

Afternoon tea at Shangri-La. Photo: courtesy of Shangri-La

Alto El Sol has always been my favourite. I think it’s one of the first real chocolates I tasted in the pastry kitchen. I love the fruity notes it gives and how it pairs in dishes.

CHRIS ARKADIEFF, executive chef at Strand Dining Rooms:

Chocolate dessert at Strand Dining Rooms. Photo: Laura Lajh Prijatelj

We are using the Cacao Barry® Mexique chocolate as I love the roundness of the the flavour yet subtle in its delivery of it’s unique flavours.

REECE COLLIER, head pastry chef at The Grove:

Pear and goats curd by Reece Collier. Photo: Courtesy of The Grove

With regards to a favourite, for me personally, it has to be Papouasie. We used it to pair with Earl Grey, marmalade and burnt toast and the result was incredible. That’s the best thing about the range, there is something to fit every bill.

JOAKIM PRAT, head pastry chef at Maître Choux:

Chocolate Eclair by Joakim Prat. Photo: Laura Lajh Prijatelj

I use Cacao Barry® chocolate because it gives a divine flavour to any chocolate creation – it has that smoothness and the creaminess of the added cocoa butter. It is wonderful and I highly recommend to try it.

The range of chocolate is great and you can find the right kind of chocolate for every preparation. I usually use Papouasie, Tanzanie, Equateur and Cuba.

ADRIAN BARRY, executive pastry chef at Renaissance St. Pancras hotel:

Chocolate mousse and orange by Adrian Barry. Photo: Laura Lajh Prijatelj

Our new Afternoon tea menu has just been launched using many of the Cacao Barry® products. Personally I love the Lychee & Madirofolo chocolate piece, all the flavours working together so nicely.

HIDEKO KAWA, pastry consultant at SweetArt Lab

Hideko Kawa’s afternoon tea. Photo: Gavin Milles

My favourite chocolate from Cacao Barry is Alto El Sol, which is fruity and rich cocoa taste but not overly bitter. Also Mycryo cocoa butter is a excellent product to stabilize aerated tempered chocolates and  mousses, and it is great for baking to create a very thin layer as a wet protection.