The Chocolate Weekly: 42 - 2014


Welcome in the 42nd week of this year and the first week of London Chocolovers. Let’s start it in the best possible way with a 12 steps chocolate programme, which is fun, pleasant and easy to follow. There is only one simple rule:

“Never be more than 12 steps away from chocolate!” :)

This week it will be even easier, since  it’s the national chocolate week so there will be a lot going on for chocolovers in London. You can find all the information about the events at

But as we all know, some of the best things are not always part of the official programmes. Some of them are simply best kept secrets, like this lovely chocolate tart in Mayfair at Brown’s which is our chocolate creation of the week:

The chocolate tart by Joanne Todd, the talented head pastry chef of the Brown’s

If you prefer some more chocolate suggestions, I quite liked those from Harper’s Bazaar.

Did you know?

People who eat chocolate in general have lower blood pressure and a 39% lower risk of having a heart attack. Eating chocolate during intellectual work also helps the brain retain new information easily and is directly linked to better results. So – enjoy good chocolate!

And by the way: do you know which country is the first one on the list of the chocolate consumption? You can check if you have guessed it right here. For the end let me tell you a secret: