The chocolate weekly 7 - 2015


We all know how very inspiring is chocolate. But here it is inspired in a special way. Food artist Prudence Staite created a maze with vlogger Doug Armstrong as a homage to the maze in The Maze Runner film. The 120cm by 120cm chocolate treat took 56 hours to construct.

Photo: Daily Mail

It took 56 hours to complete, was made from 4,640 chocolate sticks and 10kg of chocolate, measures 120cm by 120cm and contains a whopping 143,840 calories – but this edible labyrinth will only take a few hours to eat. Read the entire article.

With Valentine’s day nearly here you may welcome some tips on where to buy the best chocolate boxes. Read this article from The Independent for suggestions.

New from William Curley. Photo: courtesy of William Curley.

Visit one of William Curley‘s shops where they have prepared a special Valentine’s weekend dessert bar menu which is available from 13th to 15th February. Reservations must be made for Friday and Saturday evenings for the 6-6.30pm and the 8-8.30pm sittings by contacting or 0208 5389650. They also have some new flavours in the Couture Chocolate range: Lemon Grass & Ginger, Earl Grey, Coffee & Gianduja, Apple & Bramley, Strawberry & Balsamic, Lime & Thai Basil.

May your week be as lovely as those chocolates.