Christian, the chocolover


Name: Christian
Surname: Leyk
Profession:  Industrial Designer / Yacht Designer
Astrological sign: Sagittarius
Your mission: To make the world more colourful with fun design

How would you introduce yourself?

I’m a professional dreamer.

Why do you like chocolate?

Who said I like chocolate? As a matter of fact, when I eat chocolate I usually have to sneeze. Makes it difficult to indulge secretly.

What do you like about chocolate?

Regardless if we are talking bitter or sweet (or anything in between) good chocolate has this unique balance of taste, smell and consistency that simply makes you feel good.

What is your favourite way to enjoy it?

I’m easy … all I need is to find it in the cupboard! Open a box, unwrap … I suppose that’s not the most sophisticated way of enjoying it, but I love the purity.

How often do you need your chocolate fix?

On a normal working day? Once or twice… (well, that wasn’t a very honest answer…)

Do you have any favourite pastry chef/chocolatier?

I’m afraid I am not sufficiently knowledgable … but there’s no doubt they are real artists!

What is your most memorable chocolate experience?

Chocolate a la Tassa, enjoyed at the Ca’n Joan De S’aigo in Palma de Mallorca comes to my mind. Memorable, because the place has such a wonderful old school charm. Joan Miro used to go there. Memorable, because it reminds me of a particular time in my life, a moment of change. We were about to leave Mallorca after 5 years, I did get a new job offer in the UK. There was the feeling of adventure, but also a little bit of nostalgia, because the island was our home. And to me, very few foods reflect this combination of feelings as much as a nice big cup of proper hot chocolate.

How would your dream chocolate dessert look like?

That probably depends very much on the mood. Most likely something with either really dark or with white chocolate. maybe with coconut or maybe with peanut butter. And rum. It’s a dessert, so I think it must have a richness, but not too sweet. Know what? Just surprise me!

Do you have any chocolate secret to share with us?

No secret … the best way to enjoy chocolate is to feel alittle bit guilty. Not much, just a bit. It’s more exciting that way…

What is your chocolate motto?

I’m having it for medical reasons. It’s the antidote for everything.