Giancarlo, the chocolover


Name: Giancarlo
Surname: Princigalli
Profession: Restaurant director at Alyn Williams at The Westbury
Astrological sign: Virgo
Your mission: Trying to enjoy life and to share my passion for the hospitality industry.

How would you introduce yourself?
I love to do what I’m doing for living – life is too short not to enjoy it!

Why do you like chocolate?
Who doesn’t like it?!

What do you like about chocolate?
The complexity and the length of the flavour.

What is your favourite way to enjoy it?
Plain with some white bread or as mousse.

How often do you need your chocolate fix?
I have a bit of chocolate every day!

Do you have any favourite pastry chef/chocolatier?
William Curley

What is your most memorable chocolate experience?
Last week at the Le Gavroche for a whiskey lunch, Michel Roux jr told us about his “addiction” to chocolate and his quest on finding a perfect blend of chocolate. The result was an amazing chocolate tablet.

How would your dream chocolate dessert look like?
An assiette of chocolate mini desserts to showcase the differences between the different kinds of chocolate.

Do you have any chocolate secret to share with us?
If I share it won’t be a secret no more!

What is your chocolate motto?
A bit of chocolate a day keeps the doctor away.