Karen, the chocolover


Name: Karen
Surname: Elizabeth
Profession: Founder of Curated Love
Astrological sign: Sagittarius
Your mission: To inspire and motivate people to create more happy and loving relationships

How would you introduce yourself?

Hi my name is Karen Elizabeth … I am a lover of travel, people & places and of course chocolate!

Why do you like chocolate?

Aren’t we just born liking chocolate?

What do you like about chocolate?

The moment I can sit down at the end of the day and eat a piece, allowing it to melt slowly in my mouth – you can almost melt away with it! A moment of complete relaxation!

What is your favourite way to enjoy it?

At the end of the day … on my own.

How often do you need your chocolate fix?

Not too often, I never over indulge! Normally one bite of an exquisite piece of chocolate does the trick!

Do you have any favourite pastry chef/chocolatier?

Any decent chocolatier is a hero to me!

What is your most memorable chocolate experience?

Not so much my own but watching my daughter devour a giant profiterole in a restaurant in Paris. It was almost the size of her head at the time … dripping in chocolate. Needless to say it got messy! :)

How would your dream chocolate dessert look like?

Definitely a mix of chocolate, Champagne and strawberries.

Do you have any chocolate secret to share with us?

It melts at body temperature. Use your imagination.

What is your chocolate motto?

Chocolate is always the answer!