Pasquale, the chocolover


Name: Pasquale
Surname: Monteleone
Profession: Founder and Managing Director of The Millimetre Consulting
Astrological sign: Scorpio
Your greatest talent/quality: Culturally adaptable and adoptable; intellectually curious; ambassador of what represents taste.

How would you introduce yourself?

Nice to meet you!  – I am an oenogastronomy explorer, finding food a great way to connect diverse cultures and profiles.

Why do you like chocolate?

It is the only drug without dependence or other side effects; it can be flexible in its use; it comes with different flavours and richness to fit any moment and need.

What do you like about chocolate?

As above..

What is your favourite way to enjoy it?

The way my Grandma used to enjoy it: fresh bread with a piece of chocolate on it; the no-guilt spoon of Nutella; a fine dark chocolate bar with a good whisky.

How often do you need your chocolate fix?

No schedule; it is mostly based on emotions, mood and sudden needs.

Do you have any favourite pastry chef/chocolatier?

I would probably say Pierre Marcolini, although even Cuore Nero in Italy has a very good offer.

What is your most memorable chocolate experience?

The times my Grandma used to make home-made “Nutella”: a feast of dirty fingers, naughty tastings and great family times!

How would your dream chocolate dessert look like?

Based on dark chocolate; maybe with hazelnuts; not too much butter.

Do you have any chocolate secret to share with us?

It would not be a secret anymore or…it cannot be disclosed in public.. ;)

What is your chocolate motto?

If good chocolate is the subject, always…raise the bar!