Zainab, the chocolover


Name: Zainab
Surname: Majerikova
Profession: Head Sommelier at Little Social
Astrological sign: Taurus
Your mission: To do only what I truly enjoy and respect the most.

How would you introduce yourself?

I know what I want and I work hard to get it.

Why do you like chocolate?

Chocolate, like few other foods, is comforting and soothing for me.

What do you like about chocolate?

Unravelling of its flavours and layers.

What is your favourite way to enjoy it?

I have a strong liking for dark chocolate. Sometimes all I need is a piece of 85% concentrated chocolate.

How often do you need your chocolate fix?

Four days a week.

Do you have any favourite pastry chef/chocolatier?

There are way too many top pastry chefs and chocolatiers I still have to try.

What is your most memorable chocolate experience?

Making my own liquid centre dark chocolate pudding from Heston Blumenthal’s cookbook.

How would your dream chocolate dessert look like?

Pot of melting, gooey dark chocolate with vanilla ice cream on the side. Sounds simple, but that is bliss for me!

Do you have any chocolate secret to share with us?

I don’t kiss and tell.

What is your chocolate motto?

Revel in it while it lasts…