Fleur de Sel - Elegant Pistole, by Philippe Bertrand and Martin Diez

Cacao Barry ingredients needed:


Recipe for 3 sheets of Elegant Pistoles moulds (15 prints) reference MLD-090451 –M00


Spray a layer of black cocoa butter into the moulds.
Fill with Ocoa 70% chocolate couverture to make the shells. Leave them to set.


– 100 g of Alunga chocolate couverture 41% – 250 g de Hazelnut Piemont Lenotre 50% – Praline Grains – Fleur de sel

Melt the Alunga chocolate couverture 41% at 45°C. Then add the Hazelnut Piemont Lenotre 50%. Let it harden at 24°C. .Fill the shells to the brim. Then finish with Praline Grains mixed with some fleur de sel (0.5% fleur de sel).


– 80 g of Alunga milk chocolate couverture 41% – 200 g of Hazelnut Piemont Lenotre 50%
– 1 g of salt

Melt the Alunga milk chocolate couverture 41% at 45°C. Add the Hazelnut Piemont Lenotre 50% and the salt. Harden at 20°C. Let the praline thicken. Once the praline has a creamy texture, fill the shells exactly as one would for a macaron. Top with the other shell.


Add a small amount of dark chocolate on one of the sides. Lightly sprinkle with black salt crystals.