Inspiration by Geoffroy Maillard (La Table d’Eugene)


Photo: courtesy of Cacao Barry

Cacao Barry Ingredients:


Recipe for 8 people


Gut the pigeons, setting aside the hearts and livers. Debone the thighs but keep the breasts on the bone. Make a jus with the carcasses. Brown the breasts in Mycryo® cocoa butter and set to one side.


Braise the thighs in the jus; fry the hearts and livers with a diced shallot. Flame in Vielle Prune brandy. Shred the thigh meat, mash the giblets and mix while adding 40 g of raw foie gras in cubes.
Mould into 8 little balls and then roll in flour, dip in beaten egg and breadcrumb. Deep fry at 140°C.

Hazelnut delicacy

– 200 g of Pure Hazelnut Paste – 40 g of breadcrumbs – 20 g de miel – 35 g of ground hazelnuts – 15 g of Cocoa nibs – 22 g de cubes de brioche toastée

Combine the ground hazelnuts with the hazelnut paste, the breadcrumbs, cocoa nibs, honey, a pinch of quatre epices, 1 teaspoon of Maltodextrin and the cubes of toasted brioche.
Spread thinly between Silpat® baking mats and cut into the shape of a pigeon breast.

Cocoa Caramel
– 50 g of sugar – 50 g of water – 18 g of Plein Arome Cocoa Powder

Use the sugar to make a dry caramel, dilute with the water and Plein Arome Cocoa Powder.

Vanilla emulsion

– 50 g of cep mushrooms – 200 g of milk – 1 shallot – 1/4 of a vanilla pod

Gently fry a small shallot with the mushrooms, add in some stock, milk, and the vanilla. Mix, sieve and emulsify.

Coffee Vinaigrette

– 100 g of coffee oil – 100 g of grape seed oil

Mix a tablespoon of sherry vinegar, a teaspoon of mustard and a ristretto coffee. Season with salt and pepper. Emulsify with the coffee and grape seed oil.

Cep mushroom mousse

– 500 g of cep mushrooms – 70 g of cream – 25 g of Zéphyr white chocolate 34% – 1shallot

Gently fry the cep mushrooms lightly coloured in Mycryo® Cocoa Butter with a diced shallot and combine with the Zephyr white chocolate 34% and the cream.


Place the hazelnut delicacy on top of the pigeon breast like a second skin.
Use the mushroom mousse to hold some raw mushrooms seasoned with coffee vinaigrette in place, giving them volume and creating a contrast of textures.
Decorate the dish with the cromesquis balls.
Top the mushrooms with the vanilla emulsion to make a creamy sauce.
Use the cocoa caramel as a coulis to decorate the plate.
Serve the pigeon breast with Enoki Shimeji mushrooms and chopped ceps seasoned with coffee vinaigrette.
Add some chickweed to bring a touch of nature.