Margherita Tartlet by Andreas Acherer (Patisserie Andreas Acherer)



Recipe for 16 tartlets.

Lemon shortbbread biscuit

– 200 g of icing sugar – 400 g of butter – 600 g of flour – 50 g of eggs – 5 g of lemon grass

Combine all the ingredients and knead. Leave to rest 24 hours at +4°C. Roll out the pastry until it is 2 mm thick and cut using circles 2 cm high and 6.5 cm in diameter. Bake at 175°C for about 9 minutes.

Cacao Barry Alto el Sol 65% & Modena balsamic vinegar cream filling

– 50 g of strawberry purée – 18 g of cream  – 60 g of sorbitol – 8 g of glucose – 20 g of unsalted butter – 20 g of salted butter – 30 g of Modena balsamic vinegar reduction – 100 g of Cacao Barry Alto el Sol 65% chocolate couverture – 60 g of Chantilly cream – 150 g of wild strawberries

Bring the strawberry puree to the boil with the cream, glucose and sorbitol. Add in the chocolate in three stages to melt it. Add in the balsamic vinegar reduction and then both types of butter. To finish, add in the Chantilly cream. Place in circles 4 cm in diameter and 1 cm high. Sprinkle with wild strawberries and refrigerate.

Wild strawberry mousse

– 225 g of wild strawberry purée – 60 g de icing sugar – 2 g of lemon juice – 10 g of gelatine – 28 g of cold water – 315 g of Chantilly cream – 40 g of wild strawberries

Dissolve the sugar in the wild strawberry purée and add puree, pour in the Chantilly cream and sprinkle with wild strawberries.

Creamy Cacao Barry Zephyr white chocolate

– 30 g of egg yolks – 30 g de egg whites – 14 g of honey – 2 g of gelatine – 5 g of water – 160 g of Cacao Barry Zéphyr white chocolate 34% – 200 g of Chantilly cream

Beat together the egg yolks, whites and honey, add the gelatine and the Zéphyr white chocolate 34%. Stir vigorously and add the Chantilly cream. Refrigerate.

Cacao Barry Zéphyr white chocolate 34% bar

Temper the chocolate and leave to set on a plastic sheet, then score to obtain thin white chocolate shavings.


Top the lemon shortbread biscuit with the Cacao Barry Alto El Sol 65% and Modena balsamic cream filling. Cover with wild strawberry mousse.