Purity from Nature - the story of flavours through fermentation


The world is changing fast and taste is evolving along with it. Consumers demand authentic, intense flavours – true to nature or better: closer to nature than ever before. That is why chefs are responding to this demand with a changing cuisine: less sweet, more intense, pure and less processed. This cuisine demands chocolate couvertures that perfectly embody such purity and intensity. Cacao Barry® has found the answer to this evolution and proudly presents ‘Purity from nature’ – a new generation of chocolate couvertures. Discover Ocoa™, Inaya™ and Alunga™.

In 1842, the pioneer Charles Barry set out to explore Africa in search of the best cocoa beans for his connoisseur chocolate. Today, Cacao Barry® returns to the source, to explore new ideas that push the taste of chocolate couvertures to a higher level. They have discovered that the key to more intense and pure cocoa flavours lies in the premium quality fermentation of the cocoa beans. Fermentation is a crucial step in developing the taste precursors in the cocoa bean. Yet, new insights in how to optimize the fermentation technique, yields a purer, more intense cocoa flavour.

“Purity from nature’ is the first generation of chocolate couvertures that really goes to the essence of chocolate taste. It doesn’t focus on dominant fruity, spicy or other notes, yet it does what no other chocolate does so well: it captures the natural cocoa taste and all its intensity. Therefore, this chocolate gives me the liberty to create. I can pair it with the widest variety of other ingredients imaginable. What’s more… when mixed with other ingredients, the chocolate taste really stands out and is not diluted. For chefs, this is the next step in the chocolate evolution.”

Ramon Morató – MMAPE (Best Artisan Master Confectioner of Spain)

With the chocolate couvertures from the “Purity from nature” range, demanding chefs can now boost the flavours in their dessert, pastry and confectionery creations with a pure, more intense cocoa taste. Furthermore, each of these couvertures has been developed around specific applications and allows chefs to create perfect finished products:

Ocoa™ 70% cocoa has been created for enrobing and fine moulding.
Inaya™ 65% yields perfect results in mousses, ganaches and mœlleux.
Alunga™ 41% is the most intense milk chocolate ever created and promises perfection in mousses and ganaches