Ten minutes with Sergi Sanz Blanco, the head chef of Ametsa with Arzak Instruction


Sergio Sanz Blanco. Photo: Laura Lajh Prijatelj

Sergi Sanz Blanco, the head chef of Ametsa at the Halkin hotel in Belgravia who has brought to London the flavours of Spain, has accumulated a wealth of experiences through working with some of the greatest Spanish chefs, between them Ferran Adria and Juan Mari and Elena Arzak. When the Arzak family was offered the place at the Halkin, they immediately thought of Sergi who had all their trust and appointed him as the head chef. Sergi creates here dishes following his own sensibility yet with the soft supervision of the famous family of restaurateurs from the Basque country. Both, himself and the Arzak family, were happily surprised when Ametsa won the first Michelin star already in the first year of opening. This was a wonderful success for the talented chef and all his team which gave him even more enthusiasm and passion for his work.

How would you introduce yourself?

My roots are in Spain – I have a calm exterior, but don’t be fooled, there is a passionate Spanish chef inside. I have healthy ambitions.

What is your secret desire/ambition?

To be able to create a new dish every week.

What is your ultimate dream?

Making people happy around a table.

What is your greatest achievement?

I achieved the maximum score in my engineering degree. On the other side: the respect of the hospitality world.

What/who is inspiring you?

Everything can be an inspirational source. From a simple stroll in a park to experiencing new flavours from abroad.

A fondant with roasted piquillo peppers ice cream. Photo: Laura Lajh Prijatelj

What do you love most about your work?

To run the kitchen.

What are your favourite flavours?

Early memory flavours, recipes that go back to my roots and culture.

What is your relation to chocolate?

Every meal should finish with chocolate. Always.

Which chocolate desserts are on your menu, which of them is your favourite and why?

We love chocolate desserts, fondant with piquillo pepper, ganache, misty chocolate, chocolate omelette…

What was the best chocolate dessert that you have eaten and where?

Our chocolate fondant is superb!!

What would be your final message for our readers?

Come to Ametsa to have a new and a different experience.