Smoked sponge with crunchy cocoa, whisky ice cream, slush, mint and green bean - by Martin Berasategui


Photo: Courtesy of Martin Berasategui

Mint Water

200 g mint – 300 g water – 20 g  sugar

Blanch mint in boiling water for 10 seconds. Cool down in ice water, crush with 300 g water in Thermomix. Pass through a fine sieve and mix with sugar. To prevent oxidation close and store in a cold place.

Almond foam

150 g whole UHT milk – 150 g raw almond paste (Sosa) – 220 g cream – 60 g sugar – 1.5 g xanthan.

Mix the milk and almond paste. Warm the cream and dissolve the sugar. Mix both ingredients and pass through a fine sieve. Add xanthan using a blender. Put in a charged soda siphon and keep it for 2 hours upside down. Store at room temperature.

Raw Pod = 5g per plate

Young Pod

Blanch young pod for 10 seconds. Cool down in ice water. Dry with paper towels and cut in form of a long rice-grain. Put it into syrup and store at room temperature.

Syrup ts

100g sugar – 100g water

For the syrup mix the sugar and water and boil.  Store at room temperature

Whisky Ice Cream (1 pack)

7.5 g Whisky, 450 g whole milk. – 60 g liquid cream 35% M. G. – 20 g milk powder – 20 g dextrose – 60 g sugar – 2.5 g ice cream stabilizer

Heat the milk and cream in a saucepan. When the mixture reaches 35º add the premixed mass of stabilizer, powdered milk, sugar and dextrose. Keep stirring with a whisk until the temperature reaches 85º, immediately remove from the heat and put in a cold water bath, add Whiskey when it cools down. Put in a jet- glass and freeze.

For the frozen sponge (20 pcs)

120 g SURA Chocolate/ ILE DE JAVA 70% SMOKED – 45g butter – 35g yolk – 15g sugar – 120g egg-whites – 20g sugar – 140 g chocolate pearls

Melt chocolate and butter in a bowl in a hot bath. When it is liquid and well blended, remove it from the bath and store at room temperature.

  • Beat the egg whites into stiff peaks of snow together with 20g of sugar.
  • Mix yolks with 15 g of sugar and add it to the egg whites whilst beating.
  • Add finely grated chocolate and keep turning it until it gets a fine mousse texture.
  • Add chocolate pearls.
  • Mix 300 g of the mass in a Vac-Norm 1 \ 2 150mm container
  • Cover and create a vacuum until the mass rises to the top.
  • Put it very carefully in a freezer for 2 hours.
  • Keep it in the freezer as long as required.

Enjoy this and other delicious creations