Wasabi, Zephyr, green apple by Andrés Lara (Cacao Barry Regional Chef Asia Pacific)

Whipped Zephyr Ganache

500 g cream – 50 g Tramline – 50 g glucose syrup – 340 g Cacao Barry Zéphyr couverture – 750 g cream –  1 vanilla bean

Warm the cream, trimoline, glucose and vanilla to 70°C. Slowly emulsify over melted Couverture (40°C). Blend in additional 750g of cream. Mix well and place in fridge for 24 hours. Before piping on carrot cake whip very gently.

Cheesecake base crust

50 g hazelnut flour – 200 g butter –  3 g Maldon salt – 140 g brown sugar – 83 g whole eggs – 395 g T-55 flour

Combine the butter, icing sugar and 25% of the flour and hazelnut flour, slowly add eggs. Combine smooth, add remaining flour. Bake until golden brown.

Zephyr finished crumble

130 g Cacao Barry Zéphyr couverture – 50 g butter – 400 g sable crust – 30 g brown sugar – 40 g Cacao Barry Pailleté Feuilletine –  1 g vanilla powder

Blend sable in Robot coupe. Add melted butter. Transfer to a bowl.  Add dry ingredients. Then add the melted Zéphyr. Gently combine.  Mold 2mm height in square stainless steel mold.

Green apple gelee

500 g Green apple puree – 40 g Dextrose –  8 g pectin NH – 5 g Gelatin powder 200 bloom – 12 g lime puree – 0.8 g gelespessa (sosa)

Mix dextrose with pectin and gelespessa. Warm puree to 40C. Add pectin mixture. Bring to a boil.  Add gelatin and lime puree.  Allow to cool before putting on top of Zéphyr Crust base.


Fresh Wasabi (grated Wasabi root) – Kinome crest – Sudachi zest – Raw green apple – Yuzu zest – Maldon salt – Purple Oba flowers – Nasturgium leaves (mustard cress)

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