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The UK CHOCOLATE ACADEMY™ centre is based in Banbury, Oxfordshire and is a ‘State of the Art’ purpose-built training environment with eight individual work stations, allowing for one-to-one, hands-on tuition. The Academy is situated adjacent to the factory allowing easy access for tours of the Barry Callebaut plant.

Our courses have been designed to offer practical and theoretical help for the novice chocolatier through to the chocolate artisan, pastry chef, confectioner, baker, caterer and lecturer.

We are extremely proud to have some distinguished chefs from both the United Kingdom and Europe to help run our courses, all of whom have extensive knowledge, expertise and experience in the field of chocolate.

We would welcome the opportunity to share with you our passion and expertise to expand and fulfil your chocolate creativity. Register on the CHOCOLATE ACADEMY™ centre's website for further information concerning the programmes.

Chocolate mastery throughout the world

All around the globe, our CHOCOLATE ACADEMY™ centres are teaching and training centres for artisans and professionals who want to improve their working skills in chocolate and learn about new trends, techniques and recipes. We share our knowledge and experience through seminars, demonstrations, theoretical courses and practical workshops.

Visit the CHOCOLATE ACADEMY™ centre website to find out everything about our locations, courses and teachers.

The workshops

Taking part in a Cacao Barry® workshop will enable you to perfect your know-how and develop your creativity thanks to the expertise of our Ambassadors network. Contact your local Cacao Barry® office for more information on where you can find courses in your area.

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  • A training centre for artisans and professionals who want to improve their skills in working with chocolate and discover new trends, techniques and recipes.
  • Technical advisors to assist you.
  • Quality participants that are part of the Cacao Barry® Ambassadors network.
  • Training sessions given by collective associations (FAF, FAFHI ...).