Chocolate and coconut parfait with tapioca pearls by Ririn Biggs


Ririn has created her last pastry collection for the St Ermin’s hotel in Westminster and is heading towards new challenges. Enjoy this lovely recipe from her summer collection.

Coconut and white Chocolate parfait

150 g  Cacao Barry Blanc Satin White Chocolate
500 g coconut puree
320 g sugar
3 leaves of gelatin
450 gr double cream
160 g egg yolks


Melt the chocolate over Bain Marie, set aside.
Meanwhile bring the puree to simmer - make it just warm enough to dissolve the gelatin.
Make a cold sabayon with sugar and egg yolk. When the volume of the sabayon is doubled, fold it into the chocolate.
Mix in the semi whipped double cream.
Put misture into half sphere mould and freeze it.

Tapioca pearls

100 g tapioca pearls
200 ml water
200 ml coconut puree
zest from 1 whole lime
80 g sugar
Rum to taste


Cook the tapioca until it becomes clear, rinse it with cold water. Meanwhile cook the coconut and water with 80 g of sugar and lime zest. When it boils, add the tapioca, cool it down and add the rum.


Using a  melon ball scoop, scoop a bit of the parfait to make a small, not too deep, hole.
Melt 200 g of dark chocolate. Add 10g of coco butter.
Dip the rounded side of the parfait into the dipping chocolate.
Place the pearls underneath and on top of the parfait.
Add a bit of cream so the parfait will stay - this will give it a balance.