Chocolate de luxe by Domenico Camporeale


Last week we presented Domenico Camporeale, the talented Italian chef from London's Park Plaza Westminster, today we are sharing with you his beautiful recipe.

(Hazelnut tart, chocolate and cranberry tea ganache, banana lime and vanilla mousse, vanilla sponge, cranberry tea and yuzu whipped gelatin)

Hazelnut tart

100g flour
50g icing sugar
75g hazelnut flour
20g ground hazelnuts
70g butter 82% mg
5g hazelnut oil
1 vanilla pod
25g eggs

Knead the first 7 ingredients, then add the eggs. Let it stabilise for 12 hours in the refrigerator. Roll out, create the tarts and bake them at 175°C for 12/15 minutes.

Vanilla sponge

210g egg whites
100g sugar
140g eggs yolk
120g flour
30g corn flour
1 vanilla pod

Mix the egg whites with the sugar, add the egg yolks and vanilla and then finally, the twice sieved powders.
Spread over the silpat and bake at 190°C for 6/8 minutes.
Cut out 2 discs - one of 5cm and one of 3cm diameter.

Chocolate and cranberry tea ganache

125g Cacao Barry 55% Excellence chocolate
150g liquid cream liquid 35%
37g cranberry tea
18g butter 82% mg

Melt the chocolate at 45°C.
Bring the rest of the ingredients to 70°C and pour bit by bit into the chocolate. Mix until all the ingredients are incorporated. When the ganache has cooled to 30° fill the hazelnut tarts. Cover them with the 5cm vanilla sponge discs and leave them in the blast fridge.

Banana lime mousse

125g banana puree
10g lime juice
5g lime zest
210g Cacao Barry 34% Zephyr white chocolate
5g cocoa butter powder
250g semi-whipped cream 35%

Bring the first 3 ingredients to 70°C. Melt the chocolate at 45°C with the cocoa butter and pour the banana puree mixture slowly into the chocolate. Mix and at temperature of 35°C add the cream. Fill half sphere moulds and freeze them.

Vanilla mousse

50g cream 35%
50g sugar
1 vanilla pod
3g gelatine 200b
15g water
250g cream 35 %
150g mascarpone

Mix the 250g cream with the mascarpone.
Bring the first three ingredients to the boil, add the gelatine and pour into the first mixture. Mix gently, then fill half sphere moulds and adding the yuzu insert into the center.

Yuzu whipped gelatin insert

100g lemon puree
25g yuzu puree
75g cranberry tea
30g sugar
6g gelatine 200b
30g water

Bring the first four ingredients to 70°C and add the gelatine. Leave to cool to 4°C.
Whip the gelatin for at least 20/30 minutes and fill the small mould half sphere to create the insert.

Chocolate glaze

120g cream
150g water
30g Cacao Barry powder
100g glucose
80g sugar
6g gelatine 200b
35g Cacao Barry chocolate 55% excellence

Get the first 5 ingredients to 104°C, add the gelatine and chocolate and mix all together. Leave in the refrigerator to crystalize for 12 hours.

Chocolate glaze for ice cream

100g Cacao Barry milk chocolate 40% Alunga
100g Cacao Barry cacao butter
50g roasted ground hazelnuts

Melt and temper the chocolate.
Melt and tempered cocoa butter.
Mix them together and add the hazelnuts.

Finish and assembly

Glaze the tart.
Combine the half-spheres and glaze them with the ice cream glaze.
Prepare the chocolate decorations.
Put the tart in the center of the plate. Top it with the 3cm vanilla sponge disc. Put the banana and vanilla sphere in the center and complete with Chantilly, a chocolate decoration and some golden foil.