ChocoZotic by Andres Lara


Enjoy this very special dessert by Andres Lara, beautifully uniting chocolate with exotic fruits.

Yield: 4 Entremets

Inaya 65% Pain De gene

1gr. sea salt
280gr. whole eggs
90gr. egg yolk
310gr. Cacao Barry Praline 50% almond
90gr. clarified butter
180gr. Cacao Barry Inaya 65% dark couverture
50gr. T-45 Flour
9gr. baking powder

1. Soften almond paste and start to whip with whisk attachment with a bit of the whole egg.
2. Add remaining whole egg, egg +salt slowly until emulsified and reached a ribbon stage.
3. Melt Butter and Chocolate together.
4. Add a bit of the egg mix into the chocolate and mix back into the eggs.
5. Lastly add sifted dry ingredients.
6. Bake 160°C about 16min
7. Yield: 950g/ 34x34 cm mold (Demarle)

Crispy Praline

250gr. Cacao Barry Praline 65% Heritage Almonds Hazelnuts
150gr. Cacao Barry Pralin Feuilletine
3.2gr. Sea salt
20gr. cocoa butter

1. Combine melted cocoa butter with praline
2. Add rest of ingredients
3. 100g per Pain de genes

Exotic Fruit Gelee

34gr. Glucose syrup DE40
18gr. Isomalt
38gr. Sucrose
49gr. coconut puree
87gr. Passion fruit puree
18gr. Trehalose
8gr. Pectin NHGelatin powder 200bloom
4gr. Gelatin powder 200bloom
24gr. Water for Gelatin
120gr. Brunoise pineapple
105gr. Brunoise mango
135gr. Brunoise banana
13gr. Lime juice

1. Make a dry caramel - caramelise sucrose+glucose then add isomalt and melt.
2. Boil purees with trehalose and pectin.
3. Deglaze caramel with hot puree.
4. Add the fruit mixture, lime juice fresh fruit and reboil. Add gelatin, cast into molds and freeze.
5. Yield: 150g/mold -21x6cm mold


Exotic Lactee Caramel

240gr. Sucrose
150gr. lime puree
90gr. mango puree
2pc. Vanilla bean
180gr. butter
1.5gr. Sea salt
90gr. Cacao Barry Heritage Lactee Barry milk couverture

1. Make a dry Caramel
2. Stop cooking with butter and purees
3. Re-cook to 107°C
4. Add salt and emulsify with couverture
5. Cool down

Mango Passion Cream

220gr. Passion fruit puree
200gr. mango puree
150gr. egg yolks
180gr. whole eggs
100gr. Trehalose
40gr. Sucrose
180gr. Butter
10gr. Gelatin powder
60gr. Water for gelatin

1. Make a cream cooked to 82°C
2. Homogonize with butter.
3. Cast 120g per mold

Coconut Streusal

125gr. Butter cold
125gr. coconut sugar(sosa)
120gr. Coco Rape(dessicated)
125gr. T-55Flour

1. Mix all ingredients
2. Rest in chiller.
3. Bake 160°C about 12-15min


Alunga 41% Chantilly

440gr. Cream 35% fat
220gr. Alunga couverture 41%
2.5gr. Maldon salt

1. Warm Cream and salt to 60°C
2. Emulsify over Alunga couverture.
3. Allow to cyrstalize 12hours.
4. Whip when ready to use


Coating glaze Alunga

220gr. Alunga couverture
28gr. Mycryo
87gr. Clarified butter
40gr. Praline Graines

1. Mix melted mycryo with melted Alunga couverture 40°C.
2. Add nuts. Use at 30°C.


1. Build cake in a rectangular 7.1x25.5 frame
2. 100g of crunch on Biscuit
3. layer of Gelee
4. pipe layer of caramel
5. Cast 120 of Cream.
6. Pipe Alunga Chantilly
7. Decorate with Crumble