Fraisier by Philippe Bertrand, Director of the Chocolate Academy™ Cacao Barry and MOF Chocolatier Confiseur & Thomas Alphonsine, Pastry Chef at the Chocolate Academy™ Cacao Barry



/Zéphyr™ 34% white chocolate
/Blanc Feuilletine™
/Mycryo® cocoa butter


Recipe for a dozens of Fraisiers

Macaroon shell base

- 130 g of egg whites - 360 g of caster sugar - 80 g of water - 365 g of ground almonds  - 440 g of icing sugar - 132 g of egg whites - S.Q. of red strawberry colouring

Whisk the egg whites, boil the caster sugar and the water to 121°C in order to make an Italian meringue. Place the ground almonds and icing sugar into a food processor and blend together then sieve. Add the red strawberry colouring to the other egg whites, blend it in. Work all ingredients together. Pipe out the macaroons onto a silicon baking mat and then cook at 150°C for 12 min.

Pistachio biscuit

- 210 g of eggs - 180 g of caster sugar - 180 g of sifted flour - 15 g of cold melted butter - 600 g of mane pistachio paste - 500 g of Blanc Feuilletine™

Warm the eggs and caster sugar to 50°C and whisk together in a mixer. Cool to 25°c and then add the sifted flour, cold melted butter and pistachio paste. Spread the mix into a 1 cm high mat and cook at 160°C for 10 min. Warm up at 30°C 500 g of Blanc FeuilletineTM and spread on top of the sponge.

Mara des bois strawberry compote

- 360 g of Mara des bois strawberry puree - 84 g of caster sugar - 9 g of NH pectin - crystallised lemon Boiron

Warm up the Mara des bois strawberry puree to 40°C and then add in the caster sugar and NH pectin. Cook to 103°C and pipe it into a half-sphere flexipan (4.5 cm diameter, 17g per half-sphere). Then place a piece of Boiron crystallised lemon on top.

Vanilla Zéphyr™ mousse

- 160 g of full fat milk - 2 vanilla pods - 800 g of soft whipped cream 35% fat - 600 g of Zéphyr™ white chocolate

Boil the milk with the vanilla pod. Melt the Zéphyr™ white chocolate to 35°C and then whisk it into the milk and vanilla. Fold in the soft whipped cream at 25°C. And pipe some small cakes of 6 cm diameter and 4.5 cm high.

Whipped cream and mascarpone Rosette

500 g of whipped cream 35% fat - Mycryo® cocoa butter - Zéphyr™ white chocolate - 150 g of mascarpone

Lightly whip the cream. Fold in the mascarpone. Pipe a rosette and freeze. Make a white chocolate spraying solution with 50% Zéphyr white chocolate and 50% Mycryo® cocoa butter. Heat to 45°C and then spray on the frozen rosette to make a velvet effect.

Zéphyr™ glaze

- 150 g of water - 300 g of caster sugar - 300 g of glucose syrup - 200 g of sweet condensed milk - 300 g of Zéphyr™ white chocolate - 10 g of gelatin powder 200 Bloom - 60 g of water - S.Q. of red colouring

Heat the water, caster sugar and the glucose syrup to 103°C. Pour the mixture onto the sweet condensed milk and Zéphyr™ white chocolate. Add the previously soaked gelatin powder and the last
60 g of water. Blend it and add the red colouring. Leave the mixture for 24 hours in the fridge. Use the glaze at 30°C.


Stack and glaze the small cakes made of pistachio biscuit, Mara des bois strawberry compote and vanilla mousse.
Place them on the macaroons shell base.
Then place the rosette of whipped cream and mascarpone. Slice the strawberries on a mandolin and then
dry them out at 40°C for 12 hours. Place the strawberry chips around the edge of the cake.