Hazelnut and white chocolate parfait by Ririn Biggs


If you enjoyed Ririn's interview, you can now try out this indulgent recipe created by the talented pastry chef.


300 grm Cacao Barry Héritage white chocolate Blanc Satin 29%
250 grm caster sugar
250 grm egg yolk
100 grm praline paste
1000ml semi whipped double cream
20 ml truffle oil


Melt the white chocolate and praline paste together.
Whilst this is melting, make a pâte à bomb using the caster sugar and egg yolk.
When it doubles in size, slowly add the melted chocolate mixture, folding both together.
Add the semi whipped cream and the truffle oil (make sure to use a good quality of truffle oil) and
put it in a mould of your choice.

Put it into the refrigerator, when it cools, coat it with a mixture of same quantity of cacao butter and Cacao Barry Alunga milk chocolate and serve.