Hideko Kawa, Broonies and other news

Pastry Chef Will Torrent with Hideko Kawa's Broonie

Pastry Chef Will Torrent with Hideko Kawa's Broonie (Photo: courtesy by Hideko Kawa)

Hideko Kawa, one of the most creative pastry chefs in London, seems to never sleep. She has again surprised us with a very innovative new dessert, which she called Broonie. On this occasion we had a quick interview with her.

Dear Hideko, what exciting news do you have to share with us? What has been going on in your professional life in the last months? 

I had, for the first time, my own stand at the Chocolate Show in London to introduce my creative products to the public. It was a great experience meeting new people, fellow master chocolatiers and pastry chefs from all over the world.  ​

Hideko Kawa's Emoji Broonie

Hideko Kawa's Emoji Broonie (photo: courtesy of Hideko Kawa)

One of your new creations is Broonies, which seems to be quite a hit. What are they?

The Broonie is a carefully blended hybrid of a traditional British triple chocolate brownie and a French-style Macaron (Macaroon). Soft and delicious cream or sauce is filled between them. The Broonie is a sensational new creation.

What inspired you to invent this new dessert?

I love the simplicity and volume of the traditional British brownie with its rich chocolate flavours and the delicacy and finesse of the French Macaroon. Topping the brownie with macaroon also functionally works to protect the soft chocolate cream or caramel as hidden toppings. It is the perfect match ;’)

For the Broonies debuting design, I chose a Japanese-origin emoji to communicate the happiness that sweets provoke in us - making the taste buds dance with joy and putting a smile on our faces.

Celebrity chef Johnny Iuzzini was enjoying Hideko's Broonie

Celebrity chef Johnny Iuzzini was enjoying Hideko's Broonie (Photo: courtesy of Hideko Kawa)

Do you make them in different flavours? If yes, which ones?

Yes, I do. The mango white chocolate cream for emoji Broonies and salted apple pie caramel for apple Broonies.  I created also the Halloween Broonies with pumpkin and cinnamon flavour filling and Christmas Broonies with mince pie flavour.

Which one is your favourite and which is the most popular?

My favourites are the emoji Broonies with mango white chocolate ganache cream, which is also the most popular. I love to see that people are enjoying the joyful and playful Emoji Broonies. You can see this joyful element in some of the snaps from the recent chocolate show - the fellow pastry chef, Will Trent and NY celebrity Pastry chef, Johnny Iuzzini, commented “So Yummy”.

You even created a special baking mat, true?

Yes. I designed and created my original Non-stick baking mat for baking my macaroons for the Broonies. It allows you easier and nicer piping of macaroon dough as well as any other pastry dough. I am sharing this useful mat with my friends. Limited pieces are available through my online shop www.TheSweetArtLab.com.

Broonies by Hideko Kawa

Broonies by Hideko Kawa (Photo: courtesy of Hideko Kawa)

What are you working on now?

I am currently working on a dessert creation for a restaurant which will soon open abroad and I’m also getting ready for the chocolate festival in Shrewsbury.

I still can't forget the cigars that you presented at the Cacao Barry Cacao Collective event. I see you now developed different original versions. Which is the most popular?

Everyone has a different taste and prefers a different flavour, some people like less bitter and others more fruity chocolates. It was amazing hearing people’s preferences face to face. A box of four flavours, Ecuador, Venezuela, Peru and Tanzania, is the most popular for exploring the chocolate origins around the world.

Where is it possible to buy your products?

You can buy them at the online shop www.TheSweetArtLab.com.
Hopefully, I can soon announce the shop where you can buy Broonies.


Are you preparing any new particular surprises for the future?

I hope to meet Broonies supply enquiry from a café which is part of a creative project zone - I just started working on this. I am also supporting the British culinary heritage of Marmalade making, connecting it to Japanese citrus farmers, and introducing each other’s great elements.

That's it - for now  :)

Thank you, Hideko. All best for your projects.

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