Interview: Morgane Traffort for the Cacao Collective Blog

Interview: Morgane Traffort for the Cacao Collective Blog

Morgane Traffort

Name: Morgane Traffort

Place of work: London and Paris

Where did it all start? How did you fall in love with cooking, pastry and chocolate?
How did you fall in love with cooking, pastry and chocolate?
I started to love baking at the age of 21, for my wedding I wanted to make good desserts for my guests and my family.
One day I made a simple "royal chocolate" at the time my decorations were very amateur but everyone loved it.
Then I found it nice to share my achievements on Facebook and on the first Facebook group I created 'Cake ta life'.
This page was successful and I quickly had thousands of followers, it was a bit crazy for simple cakes at the time.
I wanted to work even more on my desserts, I read a lot of books especially about chocolate, then Then I tried, I failed, I started again ...

Then one day I decided I wanted to make it my job because I like to create, find new association of cake, new creations and then a lot of people encouraged me. In 2016 I opened my company MORGANE TRAFFORT, name of my father.

I started to have classes given on Avignon and the desire to improve myself every day no longer let me down, I was taken by a great passion, I got up at night to think about creations, I thought at night.

The courses lasted several months on Avignon and quickly I went to Paris in view of many requests, I'm saying that my career is really launched in Paris, I now have students who come from all over the world, I'm partnered with Cacao barry , KitchenAid and other brands related to pastry...

I created an Online school sponsored by Cacao Barry and KitchenAid .
My desire does not stop there, I wanted to open my second training company, private chef in London, it's a city that I love, currently I work on revisits of classic English French version.

What or who is your greatest source of inspiration?
I love Stéphane Leroux for chocolate I have all his books and he taught me a lot but I have many others inspirations.

What do you enjoy most about your work?
This feeling of satisfaction when creating successfully, that it is just and perfect.
I also like to see the students I accompany succeed their plans.
And what attracts me the most is to always find new associations or decorations.

Where do you find the inspiration for your work?
For the design of my decorations I really like the desserts worked but simple, clean and effective, a dessert must be sublime.
I can find my decorating ideas in nature, for example a simple tree can inspire me or a flower.
Art, precious objects can inspire me.

What has been your favourite culinary creation so far?

I create a sweet dessert like a cloud, its almond - coffee, it's really good, I had students who hated coffee and who loved it very much.
It is composed of:

  • A Viennese coffee biscuit
  • A coffee syrup
  • A creamy coffee and Chocolate Zephyr for roundness
  • Almond Moss

I always take pleasure in doing it for me despite that I've done it hundreds of times in class

Do you have a favourite Cacao Barry chocolate?
All Cacaobarry chocolates are good, they each have their character, but to work tastefully I really love the “original” range, I love Equateur and Fleur de Cao for dark chocolate, with fleur de sel, oh my god!
For Ghana milk chocolate.
For tempered chocolate decorations I love Ocoa and Lactée supérieur .
The praline is also to be eaten in the small spoon.

What are your aspirations as a Chef for the future?

I am creating personalised chocolate bars that will be sold in London and Dubai at the moment.
I hope to have an TV emission in UK , I working for .
I also want to help women leaders of less developing countries to succeed and represent women entrepreneurs and mum.

Check out her almond recipe.