Kalamansi Lime Caramel by Barry Johnson


Barry Johnson created this fantastic diamond shaped moulded milk chocolate flicked with green cocoa butter and filled with a semi-soft Kalamansi lime flavoured caramel. Are you curious? Here is the recipe!


Yields 5 moulds

Granulated sugar   220g
Glucose DE40        110g
UHT whipping cream   350g
Frozen Kalamansi lime puree   100g
Frozen lemon puree    80g
Butter     150g
Cacao Barry Ghana 40% milk chocolate, tempered 500g



Temper green cocoa butter and flick the moulds to obtain green spots and thin lines.
Allow the cocoa butter to crystalize and then line the mould with tempered milk chocolate obtaining a thin shell. Set on paper to get a rim, allow to crystallize and scrape off any additional chocolate.
Make a direct caramel with the sugar and glucose. Cook until a pale golden colour.
Then add the hot whipping cream slowly making sure not to boil it over.
Cook to 110°C, then add the hot kalamansi lime/lemon puree mix and cook again to 107°C.
Take of the heat and add the butter stirring in well, blend with the stick blender. Pour into a bowl, cover the surface with cling film and allow the caramel to cool.
When it reaches 32°C – pipe into the shells leaving a 1-2mm gap from the top. Leave to cool overnight at 16-18°C.
Cap with tempered chocolate and allow to crystalize.