Or Noir Chocolate delice, poached apricot, matcha Ice cream by Heather Kaniuk


Can you imagine the indulgency of the wonderful chocolate accented by the sweet sour flavour of poached apricots melting on your tongue? Well, here you have it. We are sharing the recipe by Heather Kaniuk, from the London Shangri-La.


168g egg whites
158g sugar
168g egg yolk
56g cocoa powder, sifted
56g butter, melted

    1.    Whisk the egg whites and sugar to a stiff meringue.
    2.    Add the egg yolks, then mix in the cocoa powder.
    3.    Add a little of the mix to the butter and emulsify, then fold this back into the mix.
    4.    Spread onto a silpat, bake at 170deg C 8 mins.


315g    Whole milk
315g    whipping cream
60g jasmine tea pearls
235g    caster sugar
235g    egg yolks
1g  Maldon salt
6g  gelatine
630g    Milk chocolate Or Noir
315g    Cacao Barry Guayaquil Extra bitter 64%
1050g    whipping cream
    1.    Heat the cream and milk together in a saucepan. Once boiling, remove from heat and add jasmine tea. Allow to infuse 30 mins, covered.
    2.    Strain, and rescale liquids to 630g.
    3.    In another pan, make a dry caramel with the sugar.
    4.    Deglaze with the milk and cream, and return to the boil.
    5.    Strain over the egg yolks and salt, whisk, and return to a clean saucepan.
    6.    Cook out as an anglaise to 83degC. Add gelatine.
    7.    Pour over the chocolates, and whisk to combine.
    8.    Cool the mixture to 40°C, then fold in whipped cream.


600g sugar
260g water
480g whipping cream
70g trimoline
260g glucose
40g cocoa powder
140g dark chocolate 64%
30g gelatine

    1.    Place the sugar and water in a pan, bring to 108deg C.
    2.    Add the cream, trimoline and glucose, return to the boil.
    3.    Add the cocoa powder, bring to the boil and boil 1-2 minutes.
    4.    Take off heat, add chocolate and gelatine.


    1.    Pate a glacer (brune) the bottoms of the sponge sheets. Place in 60x40 frames and reserve in freezer.
    2.    Pour mousse onto sponge base, ensuring the consistency is correct so that the mousse is completely smooth. Freeze.
    3.    Demould from frames, glaze with shiny glaze.


1000g water
300g sugar
Juice of 1 lemon
15g jasmine tea
15 apricots
    1.    Halve apricots, remove the stone and place face down in
    2.    Bring sugar, water, and lemon to the boil.
    3.    Remove from heat and allow to infuse 5 minutes.
    4.    Pour over apricots, bake at 200deg C 5-8 minutes, depending on ripeness.
    5.    Allow to cool in syrup and store in the syrup.


400g unsalted butter
160g    double cream
480g    caster sugar
9g    pectin jaune
160g    glucose
464g    cocoa nibs – blitzed LIGHTLY in thermo
    1.    Mix the pectin with the sugar.
    2.    Place all ingredients except cocoa nibs in a saucepan and bring to the boil.
    3.    Allow to boil 2 mins. Take off heat and mix in cocoa nibs.
    4.    Roll between 2 sheets of silicone paper, 400g per sheet.
    5.    Bake at 160deg 10-12 mins. When cool break into shards.


500g Puffed brown rice
250g castor sugar
100g water
25g cocoa butter
3g Maldon salt
    1.    Make a dry caramel with the sugar, until you get an amber caramel. Add puffed rice, stir until rice is golden brown and caramelized.
    2.    Remove from heat, add cocoa butter then pour onto cool marble and separate. Sprinkle with salt
    3.    Store in airtight container with silica gel.



125g cocoa powder
300g caster sugar
500g ground almonds
7g flaky sea salt
160g melted butter
    1.    Mix all ingredients together until combined.
    2.    Bake on a silpat lined tray at 160deg 8-10mins.


300g whole milk
100g whipping cream
3g Green Tea Powder
80g egg yolks
40g sugar
20g staboline 660
10g trimlone
    1.    In a bowl, whisk together the egg yolks, sugar, matcha powder, staboline and trimoline.
    2.    Bring the milk and cream to the boil.
    3.    Pour boiling milk over the egg yolks, cook as an anglaise to 83deg C.
    4.    Remove from heat and strain.
    5.    Cool, then allow to mature overnight.
    6.    Freeze and churn