Passionfruit & Mango by Jack Bowden


Today is Jack Bowden sharing with us some sunshine through his fantastic passionfruit and mango recipe. Enjoy!


891 g Cacao Barry Pureté Alunga
172 g Mango Puree
172 g Passionfriut Puree
93 g Trimoline
80 g Glycerine
1 scoop Sorbitol
92 g butter

Cocoa butter solution, melt together:
100g dark chocolate
100g cocoa butter


Boil the cream, passionfrit puree, mango puree, glycerine, trimoline and sorbitol
Once the cream mixture is boiling place into the robot coupe with the chocolate and butter
Emulsify to form a ganache
Pour onto a tray lined with acetate and your chosen size frame
Level the ganache to a consistent height
Allow to chill in the chocolate fridge for 1 day
Then paint the ganache with cocoa butter solution and cut on the guitar
Allow to rest for 1 more day on the rack
Enrobe in dark chocolate
Decorate using a tropical acetate sheet