Patineuse by Shigeo Hirai (Kobe, Japan)


Shigeo Hirai, pastry chef and owner of the pastry shop L’Avenue in Kobe and winner of The World Chocolate Masters 2009 has created this lovely refreshing recipe that we have pleasure sharing with you.


- Zéphyr™ 34% white chocolate
- Lactée Supérieure 38% milk chocolate couverture
- Extra-Bitter Guayaquil 64% dark chocolate couverture
- Praliné 50% Almonds Hazelnuts

Recipe for 100 pieces.


1 piece=35 g

- 45 g of cassonade brown sugar - 30 g of flour - 30 g of fresh butter - 18 g of egg whites - 0.15 g of Guérande salt

Mix together the softened butter, cassonade brown sugar and salt. Slowly add the egg whites followed by the flour. Spread thinly on the baking sheet and bake at 150°C for 20 minutes.

Lemon ganache

- 165 g of Zéphyr™ white chocolate - 97 g of pouring cream 35% fat - 44 g of caster sugar - 22 g of glucose - 17.6 g of lemon juice - 17.6 g of concentrated lemon - S.Q. of lemon zest - 8.8 g of limoncello

Caramelize the sugar, glucose syrup and a small amount of water. Deglaze with warm cream to make caramel.
Add lemon juice and concentrated lemon. Pour over the Zéphyr™ white chocolate pistolesTM (not melted).
Mix well and emulsify. Add limoncello. Pipe into pre-moulded shells until 2/3 full.

Crunchy praline

- 45 g of Lactée Supérieure milk chocolate couverture - 114 g of Praliné 50% Almonds Hazelnuts - 90 g de croustillant

Mix melted Lactée Supérieure milk chocolate couverture, Praliné 50% Almonds Hazelnuts and crispy in
the food processor. Pipe in to the mould to fill the remaining 1/3. Leave for 24 hours at 18°C. Seal.


- 1 kg of Zéphyr™ white chocolate - 1 kg of Extra-Bitter Guayaquil dark chocolate couverture - S.Q. of green cocoa butter colour - S.Q. of yellow cocoa butter colour - S.Q. of shiny gold powder

Moulding made with the mould created by Shigeo Hirai CW1690 – Chocolate World


Decorate the mould by spraying with the different coloured cocoa butters. Mould with Zéphyr™ white
chocolate. Mould with Extra-Bitter Guayaquil dark chocolate couverture. Fill with the lemon ganache.
Add the crunchy praline. Seal with the Extra-Bitter Guayaquil dark chocolate couverture. Demould.